SenSay Analytics

Real-Time Speaker State Platform

Sensing what people say, and how they say it

A recent innovation in speech technology from SRI International's Speech Technology & Research (STAR) Laboratory is SenSay Analytics   , a platform that performs real-time speaker state classification from spoken audio. SRI is working with both research and industry partners using SenSay Analytics to estimate speaker state—including emotion, sentiment, cognition, health, mental health and communication quality—in a range of end applications.

How It Works

At sub-second intervals, the platform updates both features and class estimates using advanced signal features that capture spectral, prosodic, articulatory, auditory, discourse and fluency characteristics, as well as features designed specifically for robustness to noise and reverberation. The platform can analyze the features from the signal alone or combined with automatic speech recognition to model word-based information via sentiment models. Features are modeled using state-of-the-art machine learning approaches appropriate to the task, training data and application constraints.

SenSay Advantages


Provides class and feature updates at < 1 second; crucial for applications such as driver monitoring, dialog system response and customer service.


Deploy on premises or in the cloud. Use as a feature extractor, class predictor or both. Use with or without automatic speech recognition.


Can be adapted to task, domain, language, single- or multi-party conversations.

Control, Privacy

Can run in cloud, on laptop/desktop or in client-hosted environment.


APIs let clients add additional sensor capabilities such as video-based or physiological features.


Architected to support simultaneous live streams.

SenSay Analytics     in the Press

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"Researchers are figuring out how to make virtual assistants understand your feelings"
"Siri answers your questions. This bot will understand your emotions."

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